I’m JJ – one of the Company Director’s, and Head of Design here. I’ve worked in the Digital Industry for over ten years and have always had a passion for great design and technology; so I’m genuinely living my dream. However, my story, and journey, have not been ordinary, to say the least!

I left school after studying A Levels in Business, English, Art and Social Studies. I went straight into work and quickly fell into Sales, followed by Recruitment. I loved the people, was good at the work, but never felt fulfilled. It always felt like something was….missing.

Then in 2004, on a dark and rainy January morning, my fate was decided for me as I was hit by a stolen car in a hit and run car accident. I was very lucky to get out of it alive, and the other Driver has (as far as I know) never been found. I don’t remember much, other than an ambulance ride; but the result was traumatic. My injuries meant that I was unable to work for a number of years, had numerous operations and had to attend residential rehabilitation to learn how to walk and perform basic tasks again.

During my recovery, I read, A LOT. And one day, when I’d read everything else in the house (twice, probably), I found a textbook, about web design and HTML. I taught myself to code, from scratch, in my bed, having nothing else to do with my days, and practiced and practiced until I was more than a little bit OK. Around the same time, I discovered this “new” thing called Twitter, and these strange things called “blogs”, which were, in truth, really, really ugly in 2008. To anonymously write about my recovery, I set up a blog called “thislittleladywenttolondon.com”, which later became this little lady and is now known as Love London. 

I always wanted Love London to look beautiful, so I started to design it myself. First, I made beautiful logos. Then I changed the code of the templates I’d use until they looked exactly how I wanted them to. Eventually, I was creating gorgeous websites that people loved; so they asked me to do theirs. And then their friends did. And their friends too…

[ Love London been given a little rest for a while, but between 2010 and 2016 it had millions of readers, won awards, bought me more opportunities than I could ever have imagined and allowed me to travel the world, writing and exploring my passions as I recovered from a truly horrible time. ]

During this time, I’d gone back to work in Social Media, and had built and extensive network and solid reputation (I was fortunate enough to win a Social Strategy award in recognition for innovation in our field). I learned so much and developed my skillset, gaining knowledge from the absolute best in the industry at a time when it was fresh, new and exciting. I put on a number of live events for the social media, PR and blogging industries, which I’m proud to say featured many of the industries current leading players at a time when they weren’t quite so busy!

[Footage from one of my favourite events can be found here]

After my gorgeous son arrived in 2014, I went freelance, working across social media and website design for some incredible brands and clients, including The Aspirational Pub Company, Prime Steak and Grill, Gemma Went, Bushra Azhar and more.

After some investment from my business partner in 2017, JMD Digital Design Ltd was born, and we have been thrilled to work with such a huge variety of businesses, from small start ups to larger, exstablished brands. We love working locally and we also love the challenge of working with more established companies who we can really get to know, understand, and produce beautiful work for.

So, in a nutshell, that’s my story! If you’d like to know anything more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Abbie is our Design Assistant, and looks after Maintenance and Social Media.
Anwen is usually your first point of contact with JMD, and keeps us all organised and on our toes!
Tim is a highly qualified and experienced Designer, and our resident expert for all things SEO and Google Analytics.
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